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Who AM I?…Is The Question Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Ask

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Who else vowed that 2020 is going to be the best year yet?

Having reflected on the last two decades I can honestly say that I'm finally doing what I'm truly passionate about, in my own business… Can you relate?

But to know how far you’ve come is to acknowledge the place from where you started.

 … Where did I start?

In my 20's, for ten years, I honed my skills as a Programme Manager (in market research) for the Telecomms industry and before that for the Pharmaceutical Industry. I designed qualitative & quantitative programmes to understand the psychology of the customer, what influences their purchasing behaviour and why they stay loyal or switch providers. Whilst this led to increased market share and profits for powerful organisations I started to realise who I really was ….

…..Whilst I could see how the mobile phone has changed our world and the way we communicate, I believed that communication is really about connecting with self and being ‘present’ for others….I know that there is a place for western medicine, but I also believe we have a great ability to heal ourselves too, with the intuitive insight of those trained in the complementary therapies….

So, who was I? I was about improving lives and people's well being in a more holistic, intuitive way!!…

…A huge leap off the diving board

Shortly after this revelation, on my 30th birthday, I made a HUGE decision…and handed in my notice!! I retrained in Psychology, then in clinical hypnotherapy and then life coaching….then, at the age of 35, I set up my own practice….Yikes!!

As you probably already know, coaching can be truly transformational for the client in the right programme designed for positive and permanent change. It took a few years to discover my specialty but with the support of my fellow coach, IT techie and husband, together we carved out our niche.

…Going ‘Authentic’ all the way

Fast forward a few years, I chose to come away from the low-end coaching packages and instead went deep ‘within’ to connect with a higher intention, worked on myself through spiritual and consciousness work to create my first, nail-biting, £5K Business and Life transformation programme – it was a labour of love and empowered me to step up for the BIGGER dreams of my clients… four beautiful, heart-centred service providers invested in themselves, connected with it, grew way out of their comfort zone (who now make six-seven figures doing what they love)….and so I found my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF!!

How has this led me to where I am now?

So, for the last five years, I have been using my whole expression of myself, my intuitive wisdom and technical programme insights to help and support amazing coaches, practitioners and service providers, regardless of their expertise or specialism, to go through their own nail-biting, next level transformation...

How? ...By helping them design and deliver their own Premium Transformation Programmes….Why? ...So that they can...

~ Make a deeper impact with their high-end clients

~ Confidently deliver a truly Premium Transformation Programme that enables them to go deep and make Quantum shifts

~ Overcome their fears of upping their pricing to Premium pricing in order to work with high-end clients who really choose to do the work

~ Overcome their technical fears around putting content in an online training format, without devaluing its worth!

~Align to a greater vision and make it happen

As coaches, whilst we may already understand and ‘know’ that our egos and limiting beliefs hold us back, it really is still so much easier and quicker to be shown our blind spots; kept accountable; guided and lovingly supported by someone ‘holding the space’ for us when we go through the perceived challenges that come with transition and transformation

….The result? A super-sized version of ourselves, our life and business and our clients’ outcomes...and yes, we truly create a ripple!!

So, Who AM I?

It’s taken me a while to truly own this, but here it is….I help outstanding change-makers make a more powerful impact in the world… change-makers deserving of carving out their niche and being BOLD, VISIBLE, CLIENT FOCUSED and make a life-changing INCOME from it too! 

I love what I do – This is Me!

Now…. who are you??


Tammy McCann – Lead Coach/ Trainer

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About the author 

Tammy McCann

Tammy McCann is Founder of Tammy-McCann.com and Creator of the Quantum Programmes. Tammy is passionate about transforming lives and businesses through changing limiting beliefs, behaviours and raising levels of consciousness.

If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life or business and want to make a shift quickly, private message Tammy for a free Breakthrough call. (She is always more than happy to talk to you privately about your specific situation!)

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