Quantum Training

 for Business Owners

When your business is your life, you need more than just great business acumen to create success. Those who are already successful know that business ideas, action and outcomes FLOW when operating at higher levels of consciousness.

Your business grows when you, the business owner, are able to spiritually and energetically expand and grow.  When enlightened entrepreneurs are able to operate at a higher level of consciousness they are empowered to create a positive ripple in the world.

Your Quantum Coach

Tammy McCANN

Tammy is an intuitive Quantum Transformation Coach and Trainer helping entrepreneurs to create Quantum shifts in their life in order to be on purpose and abundant. Through a blend of science and spiritual principles, Tammy teaches her clients how to harness their inner power to have the confidence to transform any area of their life or business.  In fact, what Tammy teaches is no matter how bad things may appear, you still have a choice to live life by design.

Tammy’s unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies provide her with a pragmatic approach to helping her clients manifest miraculous life changes through her Quantum programmes, which provide a step-by-step approach for going deep and shifting any  situation into one which truly aligns with their desires and purpose.

Tammy has helped her clients to:

  • Turn their businesses around, where there were not enough clients to generate a suitable income or where clients consistently couldn’t or wouldn’t, pay resulting in huge stress. Within a few short months they attracted ideal clients and increased turnover by 10x (from zero to six and seven figure businesses)
  • Massively increase personal financial wealth by working on removing some ingrained limiting beliefs allowing them to go from struggling, sometimes with debt, to earning 6 figure incomes
  • Transform health issues, even when Doctors and Consultants previously deemed them incurable, to transform their well-being to even become medical miracles
  •  Rapidly shift disastrous personal relationships into one filled with love, connection and alignment

 To her clients these outcomes are often deemed miraculous but they always align with their higher purpose, so that they can make an impact in the world.


It has to be said that as a young teenager I felt 'different' to everyone else. Coming from South Korea, my Mother, who followed Buddhist principles, taught me to light my candles, say prayer intentions to pay respects to family members who had passed-away and she even saw and continues to see spirits. This did nothing to help me feel like I fitted in and indeed this experience was integral to my decisions later in life to go into the Life Sciences where hypotheses had to be proven, I became highly evidence focused.

Becoming the Evidence-based Scientist  

At the University of Manchester I completed a B.Sc Hons in Biochemistry and went on to become sponsored to do a Masters in Biological Sciences and Business, those final two years redefined my beliefs. Part of the programme taught me transferal skills including NLP and my tutor raved about a thought-leader called Tony Robbins who helped people to change limiting beliefs. This was the start of my personal development journey. Some 15 years later I would become a Senior Leader for Tony Robbins (see Netflix 'I am not your guru'). During my final Master's year I undertook a gene cloning project as it was leading edge at the time and I knew that I wanted to make a difference in some way, it took me into a world of Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Health and Well-being.

The Corporate Ladder and Burn-out and pivoting my career focus

My career in Pharmaceutical marketing and market research led me on a path to understanding consumer psychology and behaviors, what people want and what motivates them to buy. However, after 10 years of the corporate ladder working consultancy side to help many global companies grow and increase market share I found myself burning out and wanting to be more instrumental in helping people, this resonates with many of my clients. On my 30th birthday I handed in my notice and embarked on a Diploma in Psychology whilst starting a family. 

My Awakening

The greatest times of spiritual awakenings are during crisis points in our lives when we decide that our current situation needs to dramatically change. I reached that point in 2010 when my the children were toddlers and still needed much of my energy.   My marriage was at breaking point and I was looking to discover WHO I truly was. 

It was after yet another altercation with my then husband that I experienced a panic attack. My GP suggested anti-depressants but I had requested CBT, I was after all volunteering in The CBT Outpatients unit of Maudsley Hospital. Instead. As there was a huge waiting list I chose Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH), as recommended by a friend at the University.

After two double sessions of CBH, I was empowered to take my life forward in a completely new direction. I broke-free from my old life and relationship and started my own business, bought a new home and co-parented my three children. I began to discover my TRUE power! 

That instrumental year I followed my intuition and retrained in many healing modalities, Reiki, CBH, Energy healing, Theta-Healing, and the more I opened my mind, the more connected I felt with the Quantum Field. The scientist in me researched, discovered and tested the methods of, what I now call, Quantum Manifesting. These are now integrated in all my Quantum Transformation Programmes for the highest and optimal results for my clients.  

Since then, I have found myself becoming more attuned and spiritually enlightened, with a strong ability to channel higher wisdoms from fifth dimentional consciousness, I integrate these readings and downloads into my one-to-one-client sessions.

Business strategy and Conscious focus create miraculous outcomes!

Quantum Transformation coaching

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