5 Week Academy

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As conscious business owners, leaders and change-makers understanding the Law of Attraction or being on our spiritual journey, we are choosing to use our unique gifts and talents to create a ripple in the world. 

Being in energetic alignment with our true 'soul-self' we operate from an authentic vibrational state where our decisions, focus and results... everything, is QUANTUM ACCELERATED!


As you probably already know, in the daily act of liberating ourself from our limiting beliefs and thus supercharging ourself to our fullest potential, we get to realise the MATRIX that we live in is defined and designed by us.....


...Simply because we are connected with everything and all that this...

However, being this way and doing this 'inner work' on your own can be the hardest thing, especially if we're distracted or have blind-spots to what's truly getting in the way.

So having the opportunity of going through this conscious ascension & upleveling with a mentor at your finger tips is liquid gold!!...

That's why  SIGMA SOUL - INTUITIVE LEADERS WITH GLOBAL IMPACT was specifically designed with you in mind.


Think of being in a 'super-hero' academy where you get to harness your super powers and watch the results unfold with quantum speed.

I truly believe that we are so powerful we can co-create, with extreme accuracy, our greatest desires, whilst being on purpose. 

There is a specific series of energetic activations that will help you to align to your super power and this is what we cover in this quantum energetic academy for intuitive leaders!

Growing up you may have felt different to others and have since harnessed your uniqueness to make your own beautiful impact in the world with your 'super' talents.

Yet you also know there is more ... WAY MORE! 

And now it's time to expand our capacity to further transform ourselves, others and soulfully impact the world.

 Being part of this academy, 'Sigma Soul - Intuitive Leaders with Global Impact', means you have to be ready to dig deep and do the inner work and get prepared for laser focusing your super powers for true change...

We talk paradigm shifts and moulding the Matrix.

Sigma Soul - Intuitive Leaders With Global Impact™


This powerful 5 Week Quantum Energetic Academy for Intuitive Leaders will hold you in a transformational energetic vortex, to support you as you call in your desires, as you go through daily micro-shifts and up-levellings (as long as you choose to do the inner work)!

This is a combination of 'Living Life By Design' AND being on 'Soul Purpose' 

Yes, we do get to have it ALL!

Be part of an intimate group of conscious business owners, leaders and change-makers expanding their life experiences through duality. 

  • Receive one group coaching session per week (starting 10th October @9.30pmBST) You can join any time within the 5 weeks - all sessions are recorded) 
  • Weekly live Intuitive Leadership training online, also saved in the Quantum Academy learning portal for replays
  • BONUS #1 -  30 min 1:1 Deep Dive session with Tammy to get clarity for your specific outcomes during this Intuitive Leadership Academy
  • BONUS #2 - A BS (Belief System) Assessment to discover your unique BS-Framework™ what limiting beliefs are potentially holding you back, we will discuss this in your Deep Dive with Tammy

Whilst everyone's outcome is different, your desire and intention for change will help you to co-create your new reality.

This is specifically for soul-led change-makers, leaders and visionaries, whether you have a business or leading in your career of choice, you get to harness Quantum Energetics and Intuitive wisdom to 'Live Life By Design' AND be on soul-purpose!

Unsure if this Intuitive Leadership Academy is for you? Then let's have a 20 min free Consultation call - CLICK HERE.

The Energy is super-potent and powerful in SIGMA SOUL x

"So my lovely, if you know it's non-negotiable that you now align even more to your true potential and high vibe life then don't hesitate to claim your spot in SIGMA SOULx 

Tammy McCann 

Quantum Transformation Coach & Spiritual Mentor