[starts 27th March - 3rd april]

Relationship Revolution™   explains the specific codes and components for a red-hot, full octane, passion fuelled relationship that will last the test of time. If you were able to integrate and completely embody these, you will not only be able to see who you need to become to truly experience your dream intimate relationship but also what will make you irresistible to your soul-aligned "other half". 


your personal relationship reflects the version of you now 

When your intimate and personal relationship is causing stress or concern, without even knowing it, it can become an energetic distraction for other areas of focus and performance too.

WHY? - Because as soulful beings we are programmed to feel LOVE and DEEPLY CONNECT and when this deep connection or passion or sexual energetic alignment is lacking, we innately sense that we are not living in the fullness of what is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually possible for us in our relationship. 

And if you're reading this, your higher self feels this TRUTH - and you know you desire more... Because you choose to!!

Often we can feel so dissatisfied with the state of play of our personal relationships but don't really know or understand how it can change, so we tend to make do and settle for less, has this been you?....

for all desiring a passionate, soul-aligned relationship

Relationship Revolution is designed to provide you with higher wisdom around the energetics, dynamics and concepts for the most soul-aligned relationship which we are all capable of being in and deserving of having, if we so choose!


So whether you're considering a new partner or reignite the fire with your current significant other, if you do 'the work' the change can be effective immediately and for the long term.

Your relationship can be an ever changing and evolving masterpiece that provides so much passion and fulfilment and joy - I've witnessed my clients do this time and time again! 

In Relationship Revolution here's what you'll get and when - if you need further details then use the link below to book a 20 min call with Tammy.

  • 5 Powerful Online Modules - You get 12 months access!
    Module 1  
    What fires up the magnetism in your relationship and how to keep it
    Module 2
    The key ingredient to a soul-aligned relationship and how to harness it
    Module 3
    The energetic codes for relationship longevity and evolution
    Module 4
    What needs to shift first for you to witness immediate change
    Module 5
    The 'Attractor factor' that magnetises your soul mate
  • Live Q&A Session
    An opportunity to ask any questions around the concepts and codes or go deeper with your own specific situation. This will be recorded so you can catch up on the replay if you can't attend live (simply add your question in the private FB group)
  • Bonus 30 min private session with Tammy
    Get laser clarity around your specific situation in a 1:1 zoom call - Book this as soon as you've purchased this programme!
  • **Additional private VIP Coaching package is available** 
    Click button below to arrange a call with Tammy for more details

**Sold as a separate coaching package

As with all personal development masterclasses and programmes, whilst the information and wisdom may be passed on, it's all down to you to integrate and do the inner work to create your quantum shift, this can take as little or as long as you need. This is why you get 12 months access to the training before the content is updated next year. Whilst everyone's outcome is different, your desire and intention for change will help you to co-create your new reality.

My relationship with not just my husband but the whole family had transformed so quickly! So much so that my teenage daughter wanted to attend one of Tammy's live events to ask her what had happened to her Mum for such a dramatic change. Truly miraculous!

K. Middleditch

product manager

Tammy McCann -Quantum Transformation coach

So my lovely, if you know it's non-negotiable that your relationship (or lack of) has to change for you, then the  "Relationship Revolution™" programme will provide strong foundational codes and concepts to support your new way of BEING ready for more love and passion, whilst learning how to shift your relationship energetics and dynamics. 

Be the change x

Feeling the desire for a relationship transformation?

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