This 3 part video training will be live so that I can make it as applicable to you personally as possible... I will take you through the exact steps I teach my private clients!

Here’s what people are saying about Tammy:

Farzana Huda
Caragh Logan Company Director
Sandra Owen Company Director
Janice Davison Company Director
Pauline Scanlon
Robert Shallis Property Investor

I am Now Capable of so Much More!

Tammy has helped me face some deep seated fears and realise that I am capable of so much more!

Helps me sustain my energy!

Tammy has helped me elevate myself to the highest version of the woman I’m meant to be, and holds me accountable for sustaining that energy.

One of The Best Decisions of My Life!

Tammy has and is helping me to shift my energies and release beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming my highest and greatest self. I was doing everything I thought necessary yet was still not achieving my desires. Tammy helped me stop 'doing' and recognise it was now about deeper energy work in order to create real change. Working with Tammy has been one of the best decisions of my life. 💖 Sandra Owen

I am New Person!

I have worked with Tammy for many years, and can truly say I am a totally different person today, her guidance and knowledge to help people shift their lives for the better is amazing, I am truly grateful for her, if you want change in your life, work with her, it will be the biggest gift to give yourself x

My life is bigger and more exciting

Tammy has consistently applied the Quantum Manifesting principles. Broadening my horizons and enabling me to move through difficult situations where I would have previously been stuck in monkey-mind matter.

Reconnecting with a greater and higher part of my being has been a beautiful transformation. My quantum life is bigger, more exciting, more interesting and more worthwhile, and more than anything, it's more human!

My Life Is Now Really Starting to Happen For Me!

Tammy’s amazing coaching methods have enabled me to up level and understand what has been holding me back for many years. She has given me the tools to change how I feel, create awareness and allow life to really start happening for me.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Quantum Manifesting Mini-Training!

DAY #1

The Energetics of Manifesting

Understand the basics of how you are energetically capable of turning any situation round, no matter how bad it may seem.

Implementing these principles will start to create opportunities that can bring about change in a positive way.

DAY #2

Quantum Manifest Business Success

Learn how to apply the principles from day 1 to your business outcomes, so that you can defy the odds and manifest success where others deem it illogical.

Identify key areas for change and set the energetics in motion.

DAY #3

Quantum Shift Your Life

Go deeper into the mechanics of Quantum manifesting to understand how it can powerfully impact other areas of your life - relationships, health, wealth, family.

Start to Quantum Shift areas of your life that feel stuck and notice how quickly the situation can begin to FLOW.  

About Tammy

Tammy Is a Quantum Transformation Coach, helping change-makers, service providers and influencers to align to their purpose and manifest their successes with proven strategies.


Tammy's unique blend of evidence-based life sciences (MSc. Biological Sciences and Business), Psychology and spiritual beliefs, backed by scientific evidence (Quantum physics), has enabled her to create powerful programmes  teaching the art and science of Quantum Manifesting, for business and life.

Tammy has been teaching Quantum Manifesting principles for over 10 years and her clients have created quantum shifts in all areas of their life including health, wealth and relationships and business.

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