Private Coaching to Grow Your Business

Massive change in your circumstances can be achieved in a short space of time ... are you ready?

So, Is This You?

Are you open to a new way of viewing yourself, your business and the world? Are willing to get out of your comfort zone to make true miracles happen for you? If so, then you and I may be great fit to kick start your new success journey!

How To Work With Me

Depending on your particular situation and your desired outcome there are several ways we can work together...

Quantum Leap - One Day Intensive

This is a VIP experience where we do a Deep Dive into what you desire, how you can get there and what needs to be done for you to achieve your successes. Whilst intensive, you will get a business roadmap for your success. Prepare to work on yourself, your business and your VISION.

One Month - Weekly sessions

Getting clarity, accountability and learning to do things differently is the focus here, for you to manifest your initial synchronicities and miracles in your life and business. Little steps each day will show you massive results. You will be coached weekly to make some in-road to your success journey.

Three Month - 12 x Weekly sessions

Big shifts can be made when consciously navigating your success journey.  However, for some it can take a little time to implement changes and to see them manifest. If you are wanting support over a longer period of time then this may be better for you.

What Others Say


When I first came to Tammy every area of my life needed to change, not just my business but also my financial situation, my health, my family situation. I thought money would change all that. Whilst working with Tammy I went from owing money to earning a six figure income. The inner work has been intensive and everything has changed. Financially, I'm making more money than I ever imagined as  I'm now just three clients away from making my first million. However, the key thing I've learned is that whilst money can make life easier and much more pleasant, the real benefit for me is that it frees up my time to make a real difference in the world. x

Caragh Logan Director


I have worked with Tammy over several years and my whole life has changed. I have learned to value my worth and  increase my prices,  to even let go of my clients that weren't right for me, which was not easy to do! I've implemented new systems and automated processes in my business, I've overcome huge challenges along the way that I would not have been able to handle beforehand. Learning the Quantum principles has helped me to be more spiritually aware and connected with who I really am and very much focus on what's important in life. Thank you so much Tammy for being in my life.

Janice Davison / Company Director


Working with Tammy helped me identify my purpose and to create a business that is more in alignment with the real me. Through using the Quantum teachings and also developing more in my spiritual journey I now help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people through supported housing and providing life skills. My seven figure business is growing and I'm looking to support even more young people in the future. I view life with so much gratitude, using my energy for a higher purpose, I am a new person thanks to working with Tammy!

Paul Banton-Forbes Director

What To Do Next

Making the decision to invest in yourself with coaching can be quite daunting when you don't have all the answers to your questions... so the best thing to do next is to book a complementary 45 min Discovery session with me, we also get to find out if we're a good fit for each other and if so, which coaching programme is right for you!  

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