Changemakers, Learn How To Speak Your Truth, Get into FLOW & Effortlessly Take Action With Ease


 Free 3 Day - Mini - Training 

During these unusual times as   changemakers we feel compelled to make a difference using our unique talents, expertise and wisdom, we want to be on purpose and   Step Up To A New Level

But especially now it can feel really challenging to focus on making big, key decisions....It's pretty normal as we're all experiencing a global pandemic, together!

However, having coached many Changemakers over the years, what I always notice is how the uncertainty of the unknown leaves them feeling energetically depleted to take action.

Often, over thinking key decisions can allow feelings of 'not being good enough' and imposter syndrome to creep in, leading to procrastinating and ultimately not 'being' who we're meant to be...

WHY? Because even though it's NOT the truth, we can feel that we haven't done it yet; said it yet or made it yet... we think "who are we to influence others, what are they going to think, why will they listen to me?!"

... And that creates the cycle of stuckness!

So, my friend, here's where I share the real truth...

YOU my fellow Changemaker, are absolutely needed right now!

Despite the external situation, I've helped changemakers and conscious entrepreneurs, absolutely stand in their TRUTH and become the positive influencers, leaders and way-finders of these times because they've nailed some fundamental principles that enable them to step up; keep refocusing and simply stay in FLOW! 

So, if you're feeling that nudge to get into FLOW, to BE more and DO more this year that will not only change your life, but also help others, I've got something exciting in store for you!!

On the 20th - 22nd January, I'll be running my FREE 3 day training ~ "Ignite The Changemaker Within" ~ for changemakers, coaches and entrepreneurs, in my Facebook group, Quantum Energized Entrepreneurs.

This 3 Day Life Transformation Mini Training Series will take you through the exact steps I teach my private clients to confidently speak their TRUTH, be on purpose and stay in FLOW

this Training is for...

Heart-centred changemakers of the future - business owners, service providers, practitioners, authors, speakers ... You know you're destined for more! 

Yet, perhaps your dreams to grow that business; write that book; follow that passion feels further away than ever, despite 'doing lots of  things to try to make it happen'... 

But not only that ... your other areas of life are huge distractions, such as, 

         ~ overwhelming relationship issues draining you of energy or perhaps

        ~  health issues making you feel lesser than or even 

        ~ financial stresses keeping you up at night. 

You know you need to do something radically different for MASSIVE changes to manifest in your life ...

..... And my powerful live 3 day FREE training, "Ignite The Changemaker Within" will explain how!!

Learn my E.P.I.C Transformation Method

During my training, "Ignite The Changemaker Within", you will discover my EPIC Transformation Method™ that I teach my clients and students, explaining how you can become the inspired action taker, get into FLOW.... create Quantum shifts, even in this current pandemic, and truly thrive!!

Your Benefits 


Finding yourself working more efficiently, enjoying your time rather than wasting it. Marvelling at your achievements when you previously struggled to drive yourself forward.


Starting to refocus your energies daily on your vision,  despite the external situation. Taking 'inspired action' steps with ease and grace. Each day becoming an exciting adventure!


Seeing money as an enabler that is abundant and comes to you with ease. No longer allowing your financial situation to dictate your success, money simply comes with being on purpose.


Life feels purposeful as you step into the TRUE version of you, fulfilling your potential. See the 'big picture' enabling  you to see limitless possibilities. 

Here is what to expect in the Mini -Trainings

Training 1

Discover the Secrets to:

  • The power of the E.P.I.C Transformation Method and why most people are struggling to create the life they desire
  • How to feel inspired and focused and get stuff done!
  • What you need to know to break-free from money-lack and become prosperous, even in the current pandemic

Training 2


Our fork in the road situations are often where we are faced with a choice of two pathways...where one pathway leads to 'surviving' and the other leads to 'thriving'.

  • Discover the most powerful QUANTUM secrets to THRIVING and no longer feeling stuck!

Training 3 (+ bonus!)


I bust the myth that it takes a LONG time to make MASSIVE life changes.

  • Learn how you can create QUANTUM shifts in ALL areas of your in super quick time without compromise.
  • Make your new life changes permanent, not a fad or fluke occurrence...

What  My cClients  say about me..

Konstantina Bourmou The value of transforming yourself and your life is huge! Tammy's programmes over-delivers what it promises. I am so happy I went through it because it transformed me and my life in such a small period of time!


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Yvonne Gordon Best decision you will make taking this course. Tammy holds the space for your growth and demonstrates the quantum concept in a special unique way. Kindness and warmth is entwined which is so important for us to feel safe and to acknowledge our BS and strive for more. Tammy your amazing thank you so much xxx


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Sandra Owen Tammy has and is helping me to shift my energies and release beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming my highest and greatest self. I was doing everything I thought necessary yet was still not achieving my desires. Tammy helped me stop 'doing' and recognise it was now about deeper energy work in order to create real change. Working with Tammy has been one of the best decisions of my life. 💖


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Robert Shallis Profile

Robert Shallis Tammy’s amazing coaching methods have enabled me to up level and understand what has been holding me back for many years. She has given me the tools to change how I feel, create awareness and allow life to really start happening for me.


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Pauline Scanlon Tammy has consistently applied the Quantum Manifesting principles. Broadening my horizons and enabling me to move through difficult situations where I would have previously been stuck in monkey-mind matter. Reconnecting with a greater and higher part of my being has been a beautiful transformation. My quantum life is bigger, more exciting, more interesting and more worthwhile, and more than anything, it's more human!


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Farzana Huda Tammy has helped me face some deep seated fears and realise that I am capable of so much more!



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....So, Whether You Feel Compelled To:

Start or grow  an established online business 'aligned' with your purpose

Write an inspirational book supporting others and become a best selling author

Become a motivational speaker or influencer showing others the way 

Help people and create a ripple in the world, using your unique talents

.... Book your seat and be ready to take some juicy notes in my FREE 3 day live training 


About me,   Tammy McCann

Hi, I'm Tammy McCann, International Bestselling Author, CEO of and Founder of Quantum Transformation Academy.

As a Quantum Transformation Coach, I've coached and trained hundreds of people over 10 years to transform their life and create massive shifts in their businesses, but most importantly, helped my clients and students rediscover their true power and live in their authentic TRUTH.

My teachings are a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies, melded with the scientific understandings of Quantum change and implementing transformational shifts to create miraculous outcomes. 

If you're a change-maker ready to take Inspired action, come and be part of a community of like-minded conscious changemakers and entrepreneurs... let's make the change together. NOW.

Sign up below for  "Ignite The Changemaker Within" .... I can't wait to see you on the other side! Tammy x

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