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I have opened up space in my calendar for the next 72 hours to offer you the opportunity of a free Breakthrough session with me personally.

What  My Clients  say about me..

Konstantina Bourmou The value of transforming yourself and your life is huge! Tammy's programmes over-delivers what it promises. I am so happy I went through it because it transformed me and my life in such a small period of time!


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Yvonne Gordon Best decision you will make taking this course. Tammy holds the space for your growth and demonstrates the quantum concept in a special unique way. Kindness and warmth is entwined which is so important for us to feel safe and to acknowledge our BS and strive for more. Tammy your amazing thank you so much xxx


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Sandra Owen Tammy has and is helping me to shift my energies and release beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming my highest and greatest self. I was doing everything I thought necessary yet was still not achieving my desires. Tammy helped me stop 'doing' and recognise it was now about deeper energy work in order to create real change. Working with Tammy has been one of the best decisions of my life. 💖


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Robert Shallis Profile

Robert Shallis Tammy’s amazing coaching methods have enabled me to up level and understand what has been holding me back for many years. She has given me the tools to change how I feel, create awareness and allow life to really start happening for me.


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Pauline Scanlon Tammy has consistently applied the Quantum Manifesting principles. Broadening my horizons and enabling me to move through difficult situations where I would have previously been stuck in monkey-mind matter. Reconnecting with a greater and higher part of my being has been a beautiful transformation. My quantum life is bigger, more exciting, more interesting and more worthwhile, and more than anything, it's more human!


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Farzana Huda Tammy has helped me face some deep seated fears and realise that I am capable of so much more!



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...You have now heard what others have done since they were in your exact position....

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