May 1

Have You Settled Into A New Normal?

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Lock-down During Coronavirus Times

Whilst it’s been a really strange time… almost ‘Twilight Zone’ weird, it has knocked many business owners off kilter, and getting back on the horse for many has been a challenge to say the least!

Having consulted many entrepreneurs these last few weeks the ones that stand out are those that are asking the question ‘how can I be of service during these times?’ and changing their focus and proposition accordingly, to align with what’s really needed out there, right now. However, this takes clarity of mind and a strong sense of purpose, which can get a little lost in the stress of this new ‘normal’.

Harnessing our expertise and essentially owning our uniqueness, then choosing to connect and pass on our message to those that truly need us and making the sales … all this takes courage and commitment to those we serve!

Why? Because the fears of not being good enough, fears of rejection and doubts that anyone is interested, and other negative thoughts sweep in.

Fine tuning what we’re about, who we serve and our why is the pinnacle of business change…business growth requires us to reach out to our ideal client and take them on.

....It CAN feel challenging doing it on your own...if you’re wanting to grow your business during these times or even pivot your business but finding it a struggle, why not consider being part of a business coaching group or Mastermind group?

They comprise business owners who are taking positive and powerful steps forward each week, providing accountability in a group, sharing of ideas and even providing trainings in areas such as selling, creating digital trainings and marketing authentically ...all are areas of importance right now.

Let’s keep going, tune into our purpose, let’s adapt and grow… now’s the time to be truly authentic to who we really are!

Tammy McCann – Business Transformation Coach/ Trainer

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About the author 

Tammy McCann

Tammy McCann is Founder of and Creator of the Quantum Programmes. Tammy is passionate about transforming lives and businesses through changing limiting beliefs, behaviours and raising levels of consciousness.

If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life or business and want to make a shift quickly, private message Tammy for a free Breakthrough call. (She is always more than happy to talk to you privately about your specific situation!)

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