Activate Your Inner Power and Live Life By Soul Design

For leaders and business owners who are finally ready to claim their divine guidance, radical wealth abundance and experience their true power and greatness, aligning with their purpose.

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Inside you know there is a deep seated desire to do, 
be and have more…
You know it's very possible!

Intuitively, you know life doesn’t have to be so hard

You wholly believe you can be in FLOW, and easefully create change in your life and for others too...

Can you hear your inner whisper?

While you’re hustling harder, working longer, investing more time and energy so you can make life better AND make a greater impact in the world…

The container you’re creating for your bigger life has you trapped inside – forever pushing out against your limiting per
ception of what’s possible.

BUT your soul is telling you, there is no container!


A  sacred 6 week programme for rapid ascension for BUSINESS OWNERS, called TO MAKE THE LEAP TO LIMITLESS Influence, intuition  AND impact

Somehow, you have been called to find this powerful vortex which will hold you during your transformation as you embrace and transition to become who you're meant to BE.

Here, you will experience significant shifts in all areas of your life by embracing your Divine Alpha Activation state. You align soul with strategy to ensure you fully evolve and express your inner sovereign.

When you consciously align with your soul-self, you will finally co-create the love, leadership, and legacy you could have only dreamed of!

"Your miracles are products of your DIVINE ALPHA state"  Tammy McCann

Inside The sacred container of
Divine Alpha Activation™ 

you will be transformed 

Learn to live outside the 'Matrix' of our 3D reality and start living in the Quantum Realm of limitless possibilities...

  • Each stage of this experience will change you to your core, embedding powerful insights, wisdoms, exercising your divine power as you continually expand into the fullest version of you.
  • This powerful energetic vortex will hold you during your life (and business) transformation as you embrace and transition to fully express your inner sovereign.
  • You will be supported and guided as you release and heal the areas of your life that no longer serve you to help you transcend the current paradigm to create the NEW.

Here’s How You’ll Get To Experience These Quantum Shifts...

  • Initial deep-dive session - 1:1 90 min session with Tammy, to establish your business intentions (and life desires) for our time together
  • Stage 1 - Preparation Sacred initiation ceremony for Divine Alpha Activation - over two weeks 
  • Stage 2 - Activation process  Sacred energy teachings and online training for the Divine Alpha Activation - over two weeks 
  • Stage 3 - integration process  online training for the active implementation of Divine Alpha Activation state for business or work  and all areas of life.
  • Weekly group coaching, with Tammy –  live group coaching calls via Zoom where you’ll begin to step into the version of you that resonates as a Divine Femme discovering your true powers for alignment, and allowing your miracles wherever they’re needed, in business and in life.
  • Additional ad-hoc live training – Designed and delivered by Tammy and her team to help you implement your new patterns and framework in your business and life,
  • specific activation meditations Curated to enhance the energy work and channelling as you will feel compelled to reconnect deeper with each transition and up-levelling

Additional Bonuses

  • BS Assessment™A powerful assessment, to reveal your personal paradigm or unique belief system framework, (BS Framework™) which shows you what specifically holds you back (valued at £999)
  • online BS framework™ training – A comprehensive training which explains your BS framework and what to look out for to create rapid change (valued at £999) 
  • private telegram group – A powerful sisterhood of Evolutionaries doing the Divine Alpha Activation process and inner work alongside YOU, to become the leaders, change-makers and visionaries of tomorrow (value = PRICELESS)


join me inside the Divine Alpha Activation™ for Unbound Wealth, influence and Impact!

Why do your inner work with me?

I’m Tammy McCann, Intuitive Business and Life Transformation Coach, international best-selling author – and founder of DIVINE FEMME RISING™ and the CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND™

And here’s what I know...

When you connect with your soul, expand your conscious awareness and integrate your energetic vibration with your vision, you are empowered to create a far bigger, more positive ripple in the world.

Your life and business expands when YOU evolve and consciously up-level!

This is exactly the life-transforming leap I will guide you through, inside the Divine Alpha Activation™.

Combining the scientific and spiritual principles I’ve practiced over 10+ years of coaching and mentoring, I developed powerful techniques of Quantum Manifesting – which are now part of my EPIC Transformation method™ – to help conscious entrepreneurs like you connect with your quantum power and massively expand your awareness of the limitless possibilities open to you ...

– so you can dissolve the false walls you’ve been pushing against, align with your divine purpose and allow your miracles to create a new reality beyond your imagining.

Because this is about you living life by design!

Is your soul telling you to trust and take the next steps?

simply book a call to see where the journey takes you.