An exquisite 3 Month Mastermind

Starting SEPTEMBER 2023

For soul-led leaders and business owners who are choosing to claim their divine guidance, radical wealth abundance and experience their true power and greatness, aligning with their purpose.

Inside you know there is a deep seated desire to do, 
be and have more…
You know it's very possible!

so now you are ready for a new elevation

Can you feel the shift?

You've established yourself doing what you love and are on a mission to make a greater impact whilst bringing MORE into your own life…

The current container you’ve created now feels too small for your bigger dreams. You're ready to step into the next fabulous iteration of yourself...

Ready to be energized, inspired and supported as you take your next quantum leap?


A 3 MONTH mastermind for conscious leaders and business owners, called to make the leap to limitless influence, intuition and impact

Somehow, you have been called to find this powerful vortex which will hold you during your transformation as you embody even more of who you're meant to BE, DO and HAVE, with impact.

Here, you will experience significant shifts through the core Mastermind sessions, Trainings, Private coaching + Group VIP Soul & Strategy Day (in person) which aligns energetics with strategy as you further express your inner sovereignty.

When you are part of a powerful mastermind that holds the frequencies of growth, leadership, and legacy you become a vibrational match for this!

From 5-figure Debt To Multi-6 Figure Business – And Total Life Transformation


PR Consultant

"When I first came to Tammy every area of my life needed to change, not just my business but also my financial situation, my health, my family situation. I thought money would change all that."

"Whilst working with Tammy I went from owing money to earning a multi-six figure income. Financially, I'm making more money than I ever imagined as I'm now just three clients away from making my first million!"

"But the key thing I've learned is that whilst money can make life easier and much more pleasant, the real benefit for me is that it frees up my time to make a real difference in the world!"

principles of  Conscious Wealthy CEO™  

Express your personal power

When we connect with our soul-self we allow ourselves to experience with EASE.

So through high-energetic vibrational guidance and strategic Masterminding, you'll be guided into the FLOW of taking soul-aligned Inspired Actions each week.

You’ll begin to create greater outcomes than you’ve ever imagined, in your career /business, and in all areas of your life

And because this Quantum work supersedes ‘normal’ constructs of time - space, we can accelerate your transformational results to almost ‘warp speed’, if you're ready for the super fast outcomes.

VIP Soul & Strategy Day (In-Person group) 

Energy work - The initial inner prep work is essential to ensure your vision becomes a reality, allowing you to embody your own outcomes. 

Those little things in your work and life that used to trip you up will fall by the way side, as you choose a new, up-levelled way of  ‘being.’

Allow yourself the gift of receiving your truest desires... you know you are limitless!

Strategy session - We focus on building the body of your work/business with ease and releasing the struggle. Here you get to redesign your current life and career/business and the steps you feel called to take as you expand yourself into 2023.

You will leave this VIP Day as the spiritual CEO that co-creates your life, wealth abundance and legacy with ease, 

Be 'the ONE' that makes it all happen

As you grow from being an over-busy conscious leader or business owner, 'trying too hard’ to manifest your dream of impact and influence, into a truly intuitive leader, soul-aligned with ‘all that is’, and creating a better world from your highest purpose and passion ...’ll discover how to tune in to your unapologetic desires, and be inspired to create new innovative ways of working; wildly impactful offerings and a level of service that will create a ripple in the world.

my business transformed with high end transformation programmes



"Before working with Tammy I was selling luxury chocolates and putting my heart and soul into running one day heart-led cacao ceremonies for less than £100. 

Tammy helped me to realise that neither of these aspects of my business completely fulfilled me or aligned with my purpose. I worked through my limiting beliefs around my worth, the value I provide and rediscovered my passion of living the fullest version of me.

Tammy helped me to design a transformational programme completely aligned to my natural gifts for coaching my soul clients, and I now run high-end spiritual programmes for small groups of  people  enabling me to help transform lives whilst creating my six figure business... I would not have believed this six months ago!"

Inside The sacred container of
Conscious Wealthy CEO™ you will be transformed 

Learn to live outside the 'Matrix' of our 3D reality and start living in the Quantum Realm of limitless possibilities...

  • Each stage of this experience will change you to your core, embedding powerful insights, wisdoms, exercising your divine power as you continually expand into the fullest version of you.
  • This powerful energetic vortex will hold you during your transformation as you embrace and transition to fully express your inner sovereign.
  • You will be supported and guided as you release and heal the areas of your life that no longer serve you to help you transcend the current paradigm to create the NEW.

Be A Vibrational Match for Limitless Possibilities.

Here’s How You’ll own your CWC...

  • VIP Strategy Day -  We kick-start with a group soul & strategy day to revisit your vision for 2023 and establish your career/business intentions (and life desires) and the soul-aligned strategy that will jet-propel you forward in your soul-work (Can be bought separately £777)
  • Weekly group mastermind –  live group coaching calls via Zoom where you’ll begin to step into the version of you that resonates as a Conscious Wealthy CEO of your life. We do life together, so each week you'll be guided and supported as you take the necessary steps into the 'unknown' that may have previously felt hard or even illogical to discover your true powers for alignment. Here you'll allow your miracles to land wherever they’re needed, in work and in life.
  • Additional ad-hoc live training – Designed and delivered by Tammy and her team to help you implement your new patterns and framework in your career/business and life
  • private telegram group – A powerful vortex of leaders and business owners doing the inner work alongside YOU, to become the change-makers and visionaries of tomorrow (value = PRICELESS)
  • specific activation meditations – Curated to enhance the energy work and channelling as you will feel compelled to reconnect deeper with each transition and up-levelling

Additional Bonuses

  • BS Assessment™ – A powerful assessment, to reveal your unique belief system framework, (BS Framework™) which highlights which specific limiting beliefs and strategies you use to hold you back from achieving your fullest potential (valued at £999)
  • online BS framework™ training – A comprehensive training which explains your BS framework and what to look out for to create rapid change (valued at £555) 
  • bonus training – Prosperity Portal, the powerful TRIFECTA energetics of calling in and landing your synchronicities and unique opportunities that , with soul-purpose and ease (this is sold individually at £1111)


Within a few weeks  I ACTUALLY INVOICED £20k FOR a few WEEKS WORK!


Business Owner - Mary Edwards Consulting

"After only a few weeks of the programme I landed a high-end client without doing anything except Tammy's Quantum trainings. I began to value my worth and was able to invoice in total £20K for a couple of weeks work and overall chose to work with my clients on my terms. So many aspects of my life have shifted xx Very excited for the next shift!"

Mary Edwards Profile

join me inside the Conscious Wealthy CEO™ for the journey of a life-time!

Why do your transformation work with me?

I’m Tammy McCann, Intuitive Business and Life Transformation Coach, international best-selling author – and founder of DIVINE FEMME RISING™ and the CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND™

For 10 years I have coached and trained hundreds of change-makers, service providers and business owners to align to their purpose and manifest their successes with proven business strategies and spiritual principles. I ensure a safe space for my clients to transform and create miraculous shifts not just in business but in all areas of their life including health, wealth, relationships and contribution for the greater good.

And here’s what I know...

When you connect with your soul, expand your conscious awareness and integrate your energetic vibration with your vision, you are empowered to create a far bigger, more positive ripple in the world.

Your life and business expands when YOU evolve and consciously meet your soul self!

Invest in Yourself & Your life with CWC™.

This is the first round of Conscious Wealthy CEO™ and founding members will be able to join for only £5555 or 4 x £1888/mth

[The next round will be £8888]

We start on 17th Oct - 17th Jan 2023 -  Ready to make your next level Quantum shifts?

Your are worth your investment in your future self and soul-aligned life!