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Tammy McCann


Are you ready to stop pushing in your business ... and instead learn to easefully pull in synchronicities that get you to 7-figures and beyond?

  • If you feel like you've reached a plateau in your life, career or business … and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break through to that next level where you KNOW your ultimate purpose lies, waiting to be fulfilled
  • If you’ve pulled out all the stops to create meaning through your work and live your passion … but feel stuck at a low 6-figure income (or below?)
  • If you believe in the power of miracles and synchronicities, and you feel with your whole soul that there's so much more of you to 'show up' … but you know you need help with mindset, spiritual guidance AND business strategy to make it happen ...

then read on – because this is for you.

First of all, kudos to you, my friend …

You’ve worked so hard, and the career or business and life you’ve created is something wonderful in the world.

But now I’m guessing you’ve hit a ceiling.

And no matter how much you push to break through, you just can’t seem to reach that next level.

You’re flat out on the treadmill, exhausted, frustrated … and 'doing' so much in your business to maintain what you've created that you have no time or energy
for your own wellbeing, or to create magical new memories with your loved ones.

Maybe you’re struggling to even hold it together lately – let alone grow – and you’re not sure how much longer you can keep going before you drop …

and your dream to make a real difference in this world fades to nothing.

Intuitively, you know it doesn’t have to be this way – you wholly believe you can be in flow, and easefully create the impact and influence you crave …

You have taken the spiritual journey or are learning about consciousness or energetics, yet it still has not significantly changed your life or business...

And meanwhile, you’re burning yourself out.

I totally get it, my lovely.

And it’s not your fault, believe me!

Because the truth is, while you’re hustling harder, working longer, investing more time than ever to expand your business, so you can make a greater impact in the world …

the container you’re creating for your bigger life has you trapped inside – forever pushing out against your limiting perception of what’s possible.

But what if there were no container?

What if there’s literally NO LIMIT to what you can create in the world?

Imagine the career or business you could build, the impact your genius could make, the legacy you could leave …

if you could STOP pushing (because there are no more limits to push against!) ...

and finally find the flow that will easefully take you to 7 figures and beyond!

That’s exactly the paradigm shift you’ll make – and the results you can expect – inside the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™.




Inside this highly specialist Mastermind and training programme, you’ll rapidly expand your mind and your business, and learn to easefully allow the synchronicities that get you to 7 figures and beyond – through my proven EPIC transformation method™ ...

all within an intimate community of conscious leaders, service providers and change-makers just like you, who are shifting gears and upleveling their impact in the world!

Shift 1: Discover A New Empowered Authentic You

The moment you join the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ , you’ll feel heard, inspired and guided to OWN your true power within – so you can begin to create your new reality right now. You’ll rediscover your Quantum powers, learn how to reconnect with ‘all that is' and, as you move into ONENESS and authenticity, you’ll begin to witness synchronicities and miracles in yourself, your life and your business. As your pathway unfolds, clients and prospects will sense your new vibrant energy, and feel irresistibly drawn to work with you.

Shift 2: Align Your Business With Who You Really Are

As you align further with your purpose, you’ll feel in FLOW, make shifts unbelievably quickly in your business in a whole new way. You’ll expand in ideas and energy, feel alive and abundant, and no longer worry about ‘lack’ of time. Instead you’ll focus on the joy of discovering the powers of your conscious mind that you never fully understood before. The parts of your business that used to feel hard (like marketing, technical stuff and selling …) will feel light and exciting – and the group’s energy momentum will keep you on track to exceed your goal, at a pace that’s perfect for you.

Shift 3: Be On Purpose, Be The Leader 

As you discover how to dismantle your own Belief System (BS) Framework, that’s been keeping you small, you’ll begin to feel into your purpose and become the Conscious CEO. While our weekly group Mastermind sessions will help you find new business strategies, your expanded thinking and your belief in miracles will give you the courage to make the bigger, better decisions your business needs, so you can truly up-level to think and work in the Quantum Realm of limitless possibilities. Above all, you’ll notice a radical shift in confidence in your ideas, choices and personal leadership.

In short, the CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND™ gives you everything you need to connect with your quantum power, consciously align with your divine purpose, and finally co-create the impact, life and legacy you dream of!

I have learned to create high-end transformation programmes whilst finding my purpose



"Before working with Tammy I was selling luxury chocolates and putting my heart and soul into running one day heart-led cacao ceremonies, for less than £100. During the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind Tammy helped me to realise that neither of these aspects of my business completely fulfilled me or aligned with my purpose. I worked through my limiting beliefs around my worth, the value I provide and rediscovered my passion of living the fullest version of me. Tammy helped me to design and curate a transformational programme completely aligned to my natural gifts for coaching my soul clients, and I now run high-end spiritual programmes for small groups of  people  enabling me to achieve my six figure business... I would not have believed this six months ago!"

But wait – why should you trust ME to help you make quantum shifts in your impact and income?

I’m so glad you asked!

Hi, I’m Tammy McCann, Intuitive Business and Life Transformation Coach and Trainer, international best-selling author – and founder of the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ ...

and here’s what I know →

Your business grows when YOU up-level and grow

When you expand your conscious awareness and raise your energetic vibration, you are empowered to create a far bigger, more positive ripple in the world.

This is exactly the life-transforming leap I will guide you through, inside the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™.

Combining the scientific and spiritual principles I’ve practiced over 10+ years of
coaching, I developed the techniques of Quantum Manifesting – which are now
part of my EPIC transformation method™ – to help conscious entrepreneurs like you connect with your quantum power and  massively expand your awareness of the limitless possibilities open to you ...

– so you can dissolve the false walls you’ve been pushing against, align with your
divine purpose and allow your miracles to create a new reality beyond your imagining.

Because this is all about you.

It’s about breaking free of the unconscious patterns that have pinned you in this reality, refocusing on what you’re really here for, and restructuring your belief system to embrace a whole new paradigm.

One that’s not hemmed in by stress and scarcity ...

but instead feels boundless, empowering and wholly aligned with your soul’s divine purpose.

And once you fully own this new paradigm, you can simply watch the jigsaw pieces of your new reality come together – to create your limitless life of purpose and abundance!

Inside the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™, it’s my mission and passion to help YOU uplevel, and live life by design

so you can not only ascend to the spiritual flow that makes millions happen ... but also create the boundless impact and influence that makes our world better for everyone.


So What Exactly Will You Experience Inside the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ ?

As we work together inside the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™, you’ll quickly feel a massive expansion in ideas, energy, vitality and abundance.

Nothing will phase you, and you'll feel safer than ever before to truly think outside the 'Matrix' of our 3D world, and start living in the Quantum Realm of limitless possibilities...

You’ll feel energized to take precise action

Overwhelm grows out of uncertainty. So through high-energy guidance and strategic coaching, I’ll help you get into the FLOW of taking specific Inspired Action each week – so you gain the clarity and courage you need to lift you out of overwhelm, leave your 'comfort zone' behind, and start creating real tangible results with unstoppable momentum.

As you step into a new, expanded trust in yourself, and belief in the miracles available to you, you’ll begin to create greater outcomes than you’ve ever imagined – both in your business, and in all areas of your life.

And because this Quantum work supersedes ‘normal’ Newtonian concepts of time and space, we can collapse space-time so that your transformational results occur at almost ‘warp speed.’

You'll build the confidence to grow with ease

Your vision becomes a reality when you take control of your own outcomes. I’ll help you grow the confidence you need to do that, wherever you need most support – whether that’s getting your soul message out there to connect with those you’re born to serve, inviting them to sales conversations, or sealing the deal that you know will transform their lives. You’ll develop a diamond-solid mindset and ability to make powerful decisions, even in these unsteady times.

Those little things in your business and life that used to trip you up will fall by the way side, as you focus your Quantum power on a new, up-levelled way of ‘being.’ You’ll begin to feel a sense of purpose, in the knowledge that you’re making a positive impact in the world for yourself, your community and your world, and leaving a meaningful legacy for your children and future generations.

You’ll be inspired to create new offerings

New products, services and ways of working will be born when you call in in your ideal clients from your evolving sense of self

As you grow from struggling conscious entrepreneur, ’trying too hard’ to manifest your dream business of impact and influence, into a truly intuitive business leader, aligned with ‘all that is’, and creating a better world from you highest purpose and passion ...

you’ll discover how to tune in to your audience’s deepest needs and desires, and be inspired to create new offerings that will sell like hot cakes.

Here’s how you’ll get to experience these quantum shifts ...

  • BS Assessment™ – when you join us, you’ll complete a simple yet powerful assessment, to reveal your personal paradigm or unique belief system framework, (BS Framework™).
  • Initial deep-dive session - 1:1 with Tammy, to establish your business intentions (and life desires) for our time together
  • Quantum Accelerator™ Online Training – Over 12 weeks, this online training component of the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ will help you break through your perceived limitations – to crack the 7-figure code and create your quantum results.

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Quantum Accelerator™ will show you how your unique B.S. framework revealed in your BS Assessment™ is currently keeping you 'small' because it’s holding you back in making the decisions you need to grow. 

You’ll learn how to use my 'Quantum principles' to dismantle this framework, and begin to see your business vehicle as an extension of yourself and your divine purpose … 

And the more you work to up level your mind and spirit, align with your highest potential, and consciously live life on purpose – the more you’ll find yourself creating outcomes way beyond what you’ve ever imagined possible!

  • Laser coaching, with Tammy - 3x 1:1 laser coaching over the 6 months, keeping you on track to make all the progress you desire, and more!
  • Weekly Mastermind Coaching, with Tammy – live group calls via Zoom where you’ll begin to step into the version of you that resonates as a Conscious Millionaire, discovering your true powers for alignment, and allowing your miracles wherever they’re needed, in business and in life.
  • Additional ad-hoc live training – from Tammy and her team to help you implement your new patterns and framework in your business and life,


Within 6 weeks of starting the programme with TAMMY I ACTUALLY INVOICED £20k FOR a COUPLE OF WEEKS WORK!


Business Owner - Mary Edwards Consulting

"After only a few weeks of the Quantum Accelerator training I landed a high-end client without doing anything except Tammy's Quantum modules. I began to value my worth and was able to invoice in total £20K for a couple of weeks work and overall chose to work with my clients on my terms. So many aspects of my life have shifted xx Very excited for the next shift!"

Mary Edwards Profile

Feel like The Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ could be for you?

here’s what to do next ...

This call is simply to see if CMM is truly a good fit for where you’re at in your life and business right now, and if we’ll enjoy working together - There’s no obligation, no pressure... It’s just about seeing if we’re a great match!

(A deep level of commitment and focused energy is needed, and you won’t get the best results if this doesn’t feel great for both of us!)

Firstly, there are a few questions to complete as part of the booking, so that I can learn a little about you and use our time effectively.

Then, simply check your inbox for confirmation details of our call – and you’ll also get a reminder about your appointment time.

I so look forward to talking with you!

What My Clients Say About Me

From 5-figure Debt To Multi-6 Figure Business – And Total Life Transformation


PR Consultant

"When I first came to Tammy every area of my life needed to change, not just my business but also my financial situation, my health, my family situation. I thought money would change all that."

"Whilst working with Tammy I went from owing money to earning a multi-six figure income. Financially, I'm making more money than I ever imagined as I'm now just three clients away from making my first million!"

"But the key thing I've learned is that whilst money can make life easier and much more pleasant, the real benefit for me is that it frees up my time to make a real difference in the world!"

It’s time to choose, my friend ...

First, let me tell you that I so deeply understand where you are right now

Chances are you’re so tired of knowing that you have a higher purpose to fulfill – and yet not being able to find the FLOW that easefully creates the impact and success you crave.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the choices of where to put your energy, to try to find that flow ...

and you’re almost waiting for a sign to let you know that THIS is the moment to take a risk, make a leap of faith, and finally fulfill your dream.

I get it, trust me! I’ve been there, I understand – and I know what’s possible for you, when you choose to TRUST in yourself.

But here’s the thing.

It all starts with that choice – and you’re the only one who can make it!

You see, the truth is that most people will read this, know the potential waiting for them, bookmark the page …

And then do nothing.

Just carry on pushing, hustling and hoping their life and business will somehow transform one day – without them actually having to change anything.

So 6 months from now, they’ll still be …

  • pushing and rushing – letting stress and fear stifle their flow and true creativity
  • resenting their work, and themselves – as they struggle to maintain their boundaries
  • sinking toward depletion, fatigue and burnout – trying to figure it all out on their own, with no clear idea of their path forward, and no space to recharge

I don’t want that for you!

But let me ask you this. If you simply continue with the mindset and approach that have got you here ...

where will you be a year from now?

Because unless you choose to make a change, can you really expect the coming months to be any different?

I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I promise!

I just know that the only way to transform your life is to wholly own that you. want. more.

So the risk you’re looking at right now is not the investment of energy or money…

The real risk is letting this unique opportunity go by!!

This is your chance to commit to yourself and your future right now – to connect with your quantum power, consciously align with your divine purpose, and finally co-create the impact, life and legacy you dream of.

So ... here I am standing at the gateway to your future, waiting for you to take this leap of faith. Knowing that you can have everything you want – just as soon as you stop pushing against your own limiting perception of what’s possible.

TRUST that this is YOUR time!

Tammy McCann

I have learned to value my worth and increase my prices



"I have worked with Tammy over several years and my whole life has changed. I have learned to value my worth and increase my prices, to even let go of my clients that weren't right for me, which was not easy to do! I've implemented new systems and automated processes in my business, I've overcome huge challenges along the way that I would not have been able to handle beforehand. Learning the Quantum principles has helped me to be more spiritually aware and connected with who I really am and very much focus on what's important in life. Its been a true blessing because I've passed on these Quantum principles to my grown up children and they are manifesting life changes too. Thank you so much Tammy for being in my life!"

Questions people asked before saying YES to themselves, and joining the  CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND™

Who exactly is this mastermind for?

I mentor those whose desire to help others is big enough for them to feel comfortable turning over 7 figures in their business.  Working with me is never about how much you have to spend, it's always about how big you want to expand.

How do I know this will be worth the investment?

Firstly I don't allow just anyone to join, if after a consultation with me, we both feel that this is going to be the best investment for you right now, only then will I invite you to join.  

Secondly, if you have a burning desire to expand and grow, your investment in yourself will always be worth it, because the changes you make while working with me start an infinite ripple of positive change year after year.

How is the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ different from other spiritual programmes out there?

This specialised Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™ includes within it my powerful flagship programme, Quantum Accelerator™, a highly transformational spiritual programme designed to help you create an extraordinary life and business, whilst being on purpose.


I have been working for many years to get the right balance of 1:1 time with my clients and through the group and Mastermind interactions, so I get to know you inside-out. In doing so, you benefit from the intuitive insight, energy and inspiration that comes from being part of a high level Mastermind, with like minded conscious changemakers.

When does the mastermind start?

We are enrolling now for the next round of the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind which will start on the 22nd January 2024.  However, for those who are ready now, you will receive two EXTRA special Early-bird bonuses to get you started straight away, with an opportunity to work with me. Let's have a quick call to see if we're a good fit for each other and maybe take advantage of these early-bird bonuses!

How big are the mastermind groups?

These Mastermind groups are for up to 10 people, to allow the members to get to know and support each other and for me to be able to go deep with each of you.

How much time do I need to put in, and will it fit my schedule?

You will need to set aside approximately one and a half hours of on-line video Quantum Training per week that you can do in your own time, for the first 12 weeks.

There is also 2 hours of live group coaching/Mastermind each week for the full six months,  which is recorded if you are unable to attend each one.

Will I get access to you personally, Tammy? Or just other coaches on your team?

I run all the training, coaching and masterminds myself and so you have me, every step of the way. However, you will also benefit from the insights of my highly skilled and experienced team, through various ad-hoc trainings.

What if I feel like it’s not working for me?

I work hard to ensure this feeling, if it does come up, doesn't get in your way. When doing anything that helps you expand your comfort zone, it is part of the process that this will be challenging.  Sometimes we fall into the trap of blaming other things or other people.  The trouble with this this way of thinking is it never gets us what we truly want.  

My clients work with me to get results, not refunds, so if something is not working for you, it is your responsibility to let me know as soon as it happens, so we work together to make sure you get the result you came for....But REMEMBER ONLY YOU can create YOUR outcome!

The World Now, Truly is My Oyster

Andy Yiannakou


"During the Quantum programme I attracted my most valuable client to date since the start of my career

I learnt that by focusing on using my energy in a specific way, rather than spending time and energy focused on the steps I thought were necessary to get me there, got me results faster. It's uncanny how the unique opportunities always presented themselves after our Quantum sessions. 

Tammy's coaching has transformed my life not just in terms of business but also in a personal capacity too. Once the belief is there the world truly is your oyster."

AndyYiannakou Profile