When your business is your life, you need more than just great business acumen to create success.

Successful Intuitive business leaders know that ideas, action and outcomes FLOW when you’re operating at higher levels of consciousness.

As your Conscious Millionaire Mentor I know – your business grows when YOU grow.

That’s why it’s my mission to help you uplevel – so you can not only ascend to the spiritual flow that makes millions happen ... but also create the boundless impact and influence that makes our world better for everyone.

Are You Where You Want To Be In Your Life And Business?

Ten years ago, I was certainly not where I wanted to be.

I felt so trapped in a crushing, combative marriage, and exhausted raising our 3 tiny daughters practically alone, that in 2010 I had a terrifying panic attack.

But the energetic jolt of that experience was the start of my awakening.

I began to realise that the version of my life I saw around me was simply a reflection of my inner self. Of the belief system, or paradigm, I was using to create my reality. 

So if I didn’t like what I was seeing (and I didn’t!) ...

I had to change the paradigm.

Think of it this way.

Imagine you’re piecing together your reality like a jigsaw puzzle, following the picture on the box. 

Whatever box you’ve chosen, that picture determines how your puzzle ends up. And if you don’t like the way it’s looking? There’s only one way to change it.

Choose a new picture for your life. A new paradigm. 

One that’s not hemmed in by stress and scarcity ... 

but instead feels boundless, empowering and wholly aligned with your soul’s divine purpose. 

And once you fully own this new paradigm, you simply watch the jigsaw pieces of your new reality come together – to create your up-leveled, limitless life! 

This is what happened for me – and what I already see for you.

After my awakening experience, I knew that no matter how bad things seemed, I still had a choice to live my life by design.

By learning to expand my consciousness, I could shift the paradigm, and allow my miracles – my new jigsaw pieces – to come to me.

So I made the break. I divorced my then-husband, and started a new business on my own, while co-parenting our 4-year-old twins and their 6-year-old sister. My family and friends thought I was mad, so I didn’t get much support ... but I did it!

I followed my intuition to retrain in many healing modalities (reiki, CBH, energy healing, theta-healing …) and the more I opened my mind, the more connected I felt with the Quantum Field.

EPIC Transformation

My original training and experience in biochemistry, pharmaceuticals and particularly genetics also tied in beautifully – because the energy work of these modalities operates at the genetic level. So I could see how changes in DNA expression were behind my clients’ profound transformations – and how to help them create those changes, by shifting their paradigm and the energy around it.

Through relentless research (yes, I’m a scientist at heart – I can’t help myself!) I discovered and tested the techniques of Quantum Manifesting, which are now part of the EPIC transformation method™ I teach in all my coaching and mastermind programs.

So. If you are NOT where you want to be …

if instead you’re ready to restructure the jigsaw of your belief system (BS!) and

create a new version of you that’s making a way bigger difference in the world

(and making way more money as a byproduct!) 

… then I’m SO ready to talk – and get YOUR awakening started.

Tammy Has been Instrumental in my Life

Yvonne Gordon

Empowerment Coach

"Thank you Tammy for your wisdom and support you have given me through the various programmes I have taken with you! Your coaching style is unique and even when you have completed a programme I still feel spiritually supported and held in a space for more growth. 

I now love what I do, my clients come to me and ask to work with me but more importantly I know it's part of my purpose. "


K Johnson

"I came with the focus of improving things with work, but was surprised at how quickly I have been able to manifest positive changes in all areas of my life from work, family relationships, friendships and lifestyle.  

I would certainly recommend working with Tammy, to anyone who has a desire to improve ANY aspect of their life. "

Kat Middleditch Profile

What To Do Next

When you book a complementary, zero-obligation Breakthrough session with me, we get 45 minutes together to chat through all your questions about Quantum Principles, manifesting, and whatever else is on your mind!

We also get to find out if we're a good fit to work together further – and which coaching programme is right for you.

So go ahead and book now – I can’t wait to chat!