Quantum Coaching
for Business Owners

When your business is your life, you need more than just great business acumen to create success. Those who are already successful know that business ideas, action and outcomes FLOW when operating at higher levels of consciousness.

“Your business grows when you, the business owner, spiritually and energetically expand and grow. When you operate at a higher energetic vibration you are empowered to create a positive ripple in the world.”

Tammy McCann

Your Quantum Coach

I am an intuitive Quantum Transformation Coach and Trainer, helping entrepreneurs to create Quantum shifts in their life in order to be on purpose and abundant. Through a blend of science and spiritual principles, I teach my students and clients how to harness their inner power to have the confidence to transform any area of their life or business. No matter how bad things may appear, you still have a choice to live life by design.

My truly unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies provide me with a pragmatic approach to helping my clients manifest miraculous life changes through my Quantum programmes. These provide a step-by-step approach for going deep and shifting any situation into one which truly aligns with your desires and purpose.

To my clients these outcomes are often deemed miraculous but they simply align with their higher purpose, so that they can make a huge impact in the world.

My Awakening

The greatest times of spiritual awakenings are during crisis points in our lives when we decide that our current situation needs to dramatically change. I reached that point in 2010 when my the children were toddlers and still needed much of my energy. My marriage was at breaking point and I was looking to discover WHO I truly was.

I experienced an AWAKENING which energized me and allowed me to break-free from my old life and relationship. Within that year I started my own business, bought a new home and co-parented my three children. I began to discover my TRUE power!

What changed? That instrumental year I followed my intuition and retrained in many healing modalities, Reiki, CBH, Energy healing, Theta-Healing, and the more I opened my mind, the more connected I felt with the Quantum Field. The scientist in me researched, discovered and tested the methods of, what I now call, Quantum Manifesting. These are now integrated in all my Quantum Transformation Programmes for the highest and optimal results for my clients.

What  My Clients Say About Me

i have found my purpose in life - tammy's coaching has helped me to live life by design!


Grief Recovery Specialist - Counsellor, Coach and Mentor

"Thank you Tammy for your wisdom and support you have given me through the various programmes I have taken with you! Your coaching style is unique and even when you have completed a programme I still feel spiritually supported and held in a space for more growth. I now love what I do, my clients come to me and ask to work with me but more importantly I know it's part of my purpose. "



Business Owner

"I have worked with Tammy over several years and my whole life has changed. I have learned to value my worth and increase my prices, to even let go of my clients that weren't right for me, which was not easy to do! With Tammy and Adam's help I've implemented new systems, automated processes in my business and grown my team. Tammy has helped me to overcome huge personal challenges along the way that I would have struggled to deal with on my own.

Learning the Quantum principles has helped me to be more spiritually aware and connected with who I really am and very much focus on what's important in life. Thank you so much Tammy for being in my life."

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Making the decision to invest in yourself with coaching can be quite daunting when you don't have all the answers to your questions... so the best thing to do next is to book a complementary 45 min Discovery session with me, we also get to find out if we're a good fit for each other and if so, which coaching programme is right for you!