Tammy McCann

The Conscious Millionaire Mentor

helping conscious entrepreneurs to stop pushing and easefully pull in synchronicities that get them to 7-figures and beyond

Tammy McCann

The Conscious Millionaire Mentor

Helping conscious entrepreneurs to stop pushing and easefully pull in synchronicities that get them to 7-figures and beyond

Enhance Your Conscious Millionaire Mindset

Taking yourself out of your right-now reality to move toward a multi-6 or 7-figure business can feel like an impossible step when you’re only just keeping afloat ...

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Business has been good – you love what you do, and you’ve achieved so much!

But now you’ve hit a ceiling

And no matter how hard you push to break through, you just can’t seem to reach that next level.

You’re flat out on the treadmill, exhausted, frustrated, maybe even struggling to hold it together lately – let alone grow...

You’re not sure how much longer you can keep going before you drop – and your dream to make a real difference in this world fizzles away to nothing

Intuitively, you know it doesn’t have to be this way – you wholly believe you can be in flow, and easefully create the success and influence you crave …

but you have no clue how to get there.

I get it, believe me...

I am the founder of Tammy-McCann.com and through my Quantum Coaching programmes I have enabled my clients to create amazing outcomes in their businesses and transforms their lives, whilst living on purpose.

So now you’re hustling harder, working longer, investing more cash than ever to build a bigger cup – to hold your bigger life …

And in the process, you’re burning yourself out.

Why? Because this container you’re trying to build has you trapped inside – forever pushing out against your limiting perception of what’s possible.

But what if there is no cup?

What if there’s literally no limit to what you can create in the world?

Imagine the business you could build, the impact your genius could make, the legacy you could leave …

if you could STOP pushing (because there are no more limits to push against!)...

and finally find the flow that will easefully take you to 7 figures and beyond!

This is exactly the life-transforming leap I guide my clients through, as the

Conscious Millionaire    Mentor.

I combine the scientific and spiritual principles I’ve practiced over 10+ years of coaching, to help hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs like you connect with your quantum power and massively expand your awareness of the limitless possibilities open to you

– so you can dissolve the false walls you’ve been pushing against, align with your divine purpose and allow your miracles to create a new reality beyond your imagining.

Because it’s not about containers. It’s about you.

It’s about breaking free of the patterns that have pinned you in this reality, refocusing on what you’re really here for, and restructuring your belief system to embrace a whole new paradigm.

That’s when your quantum shift happens – and your limitless new reality unfolds.

Don’t worry about “how” – that’s what I’m here to show you.

All you need to do right now is click the button below and breathe a big sigh of relief – because you’ve found your way forward.

You’ve found the start of your awakening

What  My Clients Say About Me

From 5-figure Debt To Multi-6 Figure Business – And Total Life Transformation


Marketing Consultant

"When I first came to Tammy every area of my life needed to change, not just my business but also my financial situation, my health, my family situation. I thought money would change all that."

"Whilst working with Tammy I went from owing money to earning a multi-six figure income. Financially, I'm making more money than I ever imagined as I'm now just three clients away from making my first million!"

"But the key thing I've learned is that whilst money can make life easier and much more pleasant, the real benefit for me is that it frees up my time to make a real difference in the world!"

How we can work together

My unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies gives me a truly pragmatic, step-by-step approach – to help conscious entrepreneurs go deep, find alignment with their divine purpose and desires, and manifest miraculous shifts in all areas of their life and business.

For example, I’m so thrilled to have helped my clients …

  • turn their businesses around, from energy-sinks of stress and scarcity to easeful and abundant 6 and 7-figure businesses,  with up to 20x turnover
  • remove ingrained limiting beliefs, and shift from trapped-in debt to massively increased personal financial freedom
  • totally transform their health and well-being, even when doctors had previously deemed them incurable
  • rapidly shift disastrous personal relationships to create love- filled connection and alignment
  • grow from struggling conscious entrepreneurs, ’trying too hard’ to manifest their dream business of impact and influence

… into truly intuitive business leaders, in tune with ‘all that is’, and creating a better world from their highest purpose and passion.

Now I’m here to help you too. Here’s how we can work together ...


In short, the DIVINE FEMME RISING™ PROGRAMME gives you everything you need to connect with your quantum power, consciously align with your divine purpose, and finally co-create the impact, life and legacy you dream of!

Conscious Millionaire Mastermind™

Where intuitive leaders shed the unconscious patterns that kept them small, and ascend into the spiritual FLOW that makes millions happen.

If you've reached a plateau, and know you haven't fulfilled your ultimate purpose – that there's way more of you yet to  show up' – then the Conscious Millionaire Mastermind could be for you ...

Private Quantum Coaching

As a conscious entrepreneur ready to up-level yourself (and your team) to make even more impact in your world – you’re here by divine timing.

Your opportunity to shift to a limitlessly empowering paradigm is now. And Private Quantum Coaching could be your perfect route.

What  My Clients Say About Me

I Found My Purpose And I'm Growing My Business To A 7-figure Turnover


Business Owner - Director

"Working with Tammy helped me identify my purpose and create a business that is more in alignment with the real me. Through using the Quantum teachings and also developing more in my spiritual journey I now help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people through supported housing and providing life skills."

"My (almost-seven-figure) business is growing and I'm looking to support even more young people in the future. I view life with so much gratitude, using my energy for a higher purpose, I am a new person thanks to working with Tammy!"



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